About Me

Until July of 2013,  life was normal.  Living the suburban life being a wife and a momma. Then, at age 37, the bomb dropped.  Breast cancer.  It's still so fresh I can barely wrap my head around it.  

I had a clean mammogram in November of 2012.  I found a lump at the beginning of July 2013 and it turned out to be cancer.  I had surgery to remove my tumor on July 19th, just two days after being diagnosed (get out cancer!)  My cancer is invasive ductal carcinoma (which are fancy words for stupid, stupid cancer).  It was classified as stage 2, grade 3.  My awesome surgeon got it all out and the margins were clear as were my lymph nodes.  I'm so incredibly grateful for that.  It could be so much worse.  My surgeon said that it was a good thing I found my lump when I did because that yucky cancer was very aggressive.  The tumor was over an inch long and I had that clean mammogram 8 months ago.  Unreal.  

When we received my pathology report from surgery, I thought great, they got it all, and thought that would be the end.  Turns out, that's just the beginning of my journey.  Even though they got my cancer out, I have to be treated with chemotherapy and radiation.  My chemo starts on August 29, 2013.  6 cycles lasting 21 days each.  Follow that up with 6 weeks of radiation and you've got a cocktail to hopefully prevent cancer from returning to my body.  
I'm determined to not let this cancer define me.  My life is filled with so many wonderful things and so much love.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Shaun.  We married in 1999 after dating for 8 years.  We have two beautiful girls, Julianne (5) and Claire (3).  They are my loves and who I am fighting for.  I want to be a beautiful example for my girls. I am blessed to have an awesome family and amazing friends.  Everyone has been so kind to us during this difficult season of our lives.  Most of all, I take comfort in my Savior.  He is the ultimate healer.  The great physician.  I will praise him in this storm.

My main objective with this blog is just to share.  To share my journey so that I can help someone else.  I want to educate women on the importance of not only yearly mammograms, but monthly self-exams.  If I had not found my lump, that yucky cancer would still be growing and spreading in my body.  I'm so thankful that you are here to share in my journey!