Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow days!

Round 5 was pretty decent.  I made it through my low count days without getting a cold too!  First round I have not got a cold!  Woot!  Now that this round is over and I'm feeling better, I can say it.  Just one more! One more!  I can hardly believe it.

In other news, Northwest Arkansas got hit with a winter storm (when it's not technically winter yet).  Moving here from Cleveland, we were used to our fair share of snow.  The south is NOT.  This place shuts down when there is snow.  We got about 10 inches over 2 days and it caused all kinds of problems (like school being cancelled for 4 days)!  The girls were dying to go out and play in it when I realized that I didn't have any snow clothes for them.  We used the southern technique called "use what you have and layer."  I have since ordered snow pants as they are predicting we will have alot of snow this winter.  For now, we made do with what we had.  I put tights on the girls with jeans over them and snow boots.  I knew since it was about 12 degrees outside that they wouldn't last long.  They didn't.

Julianne next to her snow angel she made
 A snow tunnel Shaun made for the girls.
 Claire shivering.  She lasted a little longer than Julianne but only by a few minutes.

While others were held up in their houses for a week not wanting to leave and drive on the icy roads, we were out and about.  I am experienced driving in the ice and snow so I felt comfortable.  We went over to a friend's for a play date and I ran my normal errands.  We took the girls to see Santa which was great because there was absolutely no line because no one was out!  We had a fun few days being off of school and hanging out but this momma is ready to get back into a routine.  I hope the roads clear up in time for my friends to be able to come to my last treatment on Thursday.  Last one!  It's time to be done with this chemo and get my regular energy back!   Stay warm friends!

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