Thursday, October 17, 2013

Suck it chemo!

Jenn - 1
Round 3 - zero!

I owned this round of chemo!  I started feeling crummy on Friday afternoon but that's normal.  By Monday, I felt better and was able to pick up the girls from school!  I even took Claire to dance on Monday evening. Tuesday I went to bible study, ran errands and then picked up the girls from school and had to take Julianne to the doctor because she wasn't feeling well (double ear infection, boo!)  Wednesday I caught up on some things around the house, did the girls bible verses with them, took them to AWANA and met a couple of friends for dinner.  Today, I had Julianne's parent teacher conference, then my Dr. appointment and Herceptin infusion.  I got great news while there.  My white count was at 3.5 today.  That may sound low but last round on this day (day 7), my white count was 0.4.  I have been praying (as have many others) that my counts would be higher this week.  Shaun and I are taking a little trip tomorrow which means getting on an airplane.  Shaun wasn't to keen on the idea but we had this trip planned before this whole cancer thing happened and I really want to go.  We were waiting to see how I was feeling and what my counts were to see if we were going to be able to make it.  I am feeling good and my count is WAY up!  God is good.

So, Shaun and I are off to California tomorrow for our 20th high school reunion.  We graduated together and can't wait to see our friends!  We're also going to go down south and see some friends and then head to Vegas for a few days.  I'm so thrilled that we are able to get away and just forget that I have cancer for a week.  So, take that chemo!

We are about to re-live our glory days:


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