Thursday, October 17, 2013

Suck it chemo!

Jenn - 1
Round 3 - zero!

I owned this round of chemo!  I started feeling crummy on Friday afternoon but that's normal.  By Monday, I felt better and was able to pick up the girls from school!  I even took Claire to dance on Monday evening. Tuesday I went to bible study, ran errands and then picked up the girls from school and had to take Julianne to the doctor because she wasn't feeling well (double ear infection, boo!)  Wednesday I caught up on some things around the house, did the girls bible verses with them, took them to AWANA and met a couple of friends for dinner.  Today, I had Julianne's parent teacher conference, then my Dr. appointment and Herceptin infusion.  I got great news while there.  My white count was at 3.5 today.  That may sound low but last round on this day (day 7), my white count was 0.4.  I have been praying (as have many others) that my counts would be higher this week.  Shaun and I are taking a little trip tomorrow which means getting on an airplane.  Shaun wasn't to keen on the idea but we had this trip planned before this whole cancer thing happened and I really want to go.  We were waiting to see how I was feeling and what my counts were to see if we were going to be able to make it.  I am feeling good and my count is WAY up!  God is good.

So, Shaun and I are off to California tomorrow for our 20th high school reunion.  We graduated together and can't wait to see our friends!  We're also going to go down south and see some friends and then head to Vegas for a few days.  I'm so thrilled that we are able to get away and just forget that I have cancer for a week.  So, take that chemo!

We are about to re-live our glory days:


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Round 3 - half way!!!

I had my third treatment this morning.  Half way done!  Yay!!!  It feels so good to be at the half way point.  

I continue to be blessed by the friends who are coming to see me during my chemo treatments.  It makes them go by so much faster and it is so fun to visit with them and laugh.  Today, I had a special treat.  I've been reading Ashley's blog for about 4 years now.  I don't even remember how I found it, but I happened upon it one day and just thought she was so sweet.  Then, 2 years ago, we moved to Arkansas and she lives in the same area we do.  We talked via email and then a few months ago via text.  We've been trying to get together face to face for a while but life is hectic and well, cancer got in the way.  So, she asked me if she could come to today's treatment.  I was thrilled to finally get to meet her in person.  She is sweet and hilarious and just so full of joy.  Definitely the kind of friend you want at chemo!  Thanks for coming Ashley!
 This is my sweet friend Kelly.  I also started reading her blog several years ago and ended up moving here and going to the same church as she does.  Isn't it amazing how God orchestrates things?  I felt like I knew her before I ever met her and she is even more precious than I imagined she was.  She has been so supportive during this time.  She has brought us food and a couple of weeks ago, came and picked the girls and took them for then entire day when I wasn't feeling well.  My girls are close in age to her girls and they just love them!  She is a blessing to me!
 At one point today, I had 6 visitors at chemo.  The max is supposed to be 2 but what can I say, we are rule breakers!  The chemo room needs a little bit of pep and we brought it today.  Thank you Tracy, Ashley, Laurie, Dalas, Kelly and Lenette for coming today!  Love you all!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some days you win, some you lose

Sometimes during this whole journey I feel like I can't catch a break.  I thought I was doing well with round 2 and, in regards to the chemo, I guess I did do pretty well.  But then just when I started feeling better from the effects of the chemo, I got a horrible cold.  I had about 5 good days before getting it and it hung on for a week.  I still have a bit of a cough, but overall feel good.  Just in time for treatment #3 this Thursday.  Bleh.  I am hoping that is the one and only time I will get sick during chemo.  It's not great to go through chemo during cold and flu season, especially when your white count is 0.4 (which is what mine was on day 7 of this round).  That was with my neulasta shot.  I hate to think of what it would have been without the shot.  There have been some side effects going on with my heart.  That's pretty typical for the particular chemo drugs I'm getting.  I just got this snazzy heart rate monitor to wear because my it's been pretty much hovering in the 120-150 range which is super high (normal heart rate is between 60-100).
I want to know what it is so that I can do things to try and get it down (drink fluids, rest, etc.)  I've been going in about twice a week to get IV fluids because I feel like I can't stay hydrated.  My mouth tastes so funky (nice side effect of chemo) and nothing tastes the same or tastes good.  Even water tastes different.

My blood pressure has also been spiking so I'm on a medication for that now and got a monitor to check it at home.   Being married to a cardiologist is really coming in handy right now!

I got a fever on Saturday morning and when that happens, you have to start taking your emergency antibiotic that they make you keep on hand.  I only had a fever for a short time but they don't mess around with with that especially during the time that you are prone to get an infection.

In other news, a rash appeared on my face this morning.  I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I had to start taking Saturday.  It's not.  I went to my dermatologist today and it is rosacea. Stress induced rosacea as she called it.  Stress?  What stress?  Ha!  So now I'm on another antibiotic for that and putting two types of cream on it every day.  Should clear up soon.

So some days, I feel like I can't catch a break.  Other days, I feel like a rock star kicking chemo's butt.  I just wish there were more of the latter.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013