Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spoke to soon....

Well, I spoke to soon about feeling good yesterday.  Around 5pm, I started feeling like poo.  I took Julianne to dance, felt OK when we got there and then by the time we left just felt yucky.  I started having some gut pain/stomach issues.  Warning, I'm keeping this blog real so if you have an aversion to poop issues, don't read this post.  I started to get these stomach pains and realized that it was probably because I needed to go #2.  Only problem, I couldn't go.  I'd sit there and nothing.  They came and went, about every 30 minutes.  I went ahead and decided to go to book club because it was my month to be the hostess.  We went to a local restaurant and I got some soup which was really good and I was able to eat.  I had eaten hardly anything the last 4 days so it was nice to get some food in my stomach.  Only problem was that the stomach pains came back when I ate.  I came home and was up most of the night.

They tell you to take stool softeners when you get chemo because many people get constipated.  I was finally able to go to the bathroom last night but it was the exact opposite of constipation if you catch my drift. Oh. My. Goodness.  Up all night and running to the bathroom is not fun.  I'm still having it today.  I'm dehydrated and have lost about 7 pounds in 6 days.  Not good.  I'm working on getting hydrated and I am seeing my oncologist tomorrow.  I certainly hope he can offer some words of wisdom.  It's hard to stay positive when you feel like poop (pun intended).  Please pray friends.

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