Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my 38th birthday.  I spent it in a chemo chair.  Definitely won't forget this birthday.  It was a memorable one.  My mom and my friend Laurie accompanied me to the chemo room.  Then, I had a stream of guests flow in to bring me birthday treats and visit for a few minutes.  I thought at one point when there were 5 people there at once that the chemo receptionist was going to kick us out.  She was like "you're really only supposed to have 2 people with you."  I wanted to tell her listen lady, it's my birthday and I'm getting chemo.  I'll have a parade in here if I want to.  But instead I politely said, "they are only staying a few minutes."  
One of my friends brought me a tiara.  I wore it the rest of the time I was there.
My sweet friend Caryn brought us Krispy Kreme donuts.  I ate 2...and wanted more!
 My sweet Marianne came by to wish me a happy birthday and she brought me a new Coach purse.  Love.
 My other friends Jace, Lenette, Jessica, and Lynn came by too but I didn't get pictures with them - boo!

Laurie and I
 Me with my mom.  She has been my saving grace through this.  She is super-mimi!

Shaun brought a cake home for me tonight and he sang to me.  Love that man. 

You know what the year of being 38 will be?  The year I kicked cancer's butt!

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