Saturday, September 7, 2013

An unexpected bag

I went in today to get the last neupagen shot that I needed and when the nurse greeted me she was like "are you alright?"  I said I was fine, just not feeling well.  She took my vitals and then asked me if I had been eating and drinking.  I told the truth and told her not really.  Not eating much at all and trying to drink though nothing tastes good.  My heart rate was 140.  Sitting down.  Doing nothing.  She decided that it would be best that I stayed and got some fluids.  So, what I thought was going to be a 5 minute visit turned into sitting there for 2 hours while this bag of fluids drained into me. It was a green mix that looked a little like Mountain Dew or Gatorade.  It had vitamins in it.  

I think the fluids made me feel a little bit better and I'm going to try to eat more today than I have been.  The shots I got have been giving me some wicked side effects, the worst of which is the joint pain.  It hurts from the tips of my toes to my head.  Hopefully that will diminish in about 48 hours after these shots wear off.  I hope to be feeling better after this weekend.  Round one has not been kind to me.

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